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Christmas Games

Feel the comfort of christmas year-round in any of these free online Christmas games. Filter by most played, new, and top to find the perfect game and get in the Christmas spirit!

Christmas Games Online

CrazyGames has some of the best free Christmas games you can play on desktop and mobile devices.

If you sort the games by “top”, you’ll find some of our best Christmas games, like Winter Clash 3D - a 3D shooter based on an elf rebellion. Santa Parkour is another great Christmas game where you play as a Santa and deliver presents parkour style! Jump on snowy rooftops while avoiding obstacles in this exciting fresh take on parkour.

Family-friendly Christmas Games

Perhaps you’re looking for typically wholesome Christmas content. If so, you can help decorate the North Pole in Christmas Tree 2023, or check out Google Santa Tracker which features numerous Christmas-themed minigames. Blob Opera is also a must for a festive giggle! You’ll find many more games like it by exploring our full collection of Christmas games!


What are the most popular Christmas Games?

  1. Winter Clash 3D
  2. Beaver Weaver
  3. Blob Opera
  4. Car Eats Car: Arctic Adventure
  5. The Box of Secrets
  6. Santa Haircut
  7. Pencil Rush
  8. Yummy Xmas Tree Cookies
  9. Ellie Christmas Makeup
  10. Advent Mahjong

What are the best Christmas Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Yummy Xmas Tree Cookies
  2. Advent Mahjong
  3. Ellie Christmas Makeup
  4. Doc Darling: Santa Surgery
  5. K-Pop New Year's Concert 2

What are Christmas Games?

Christmas games feature various themes from the festive season of Christmas. You’ll find games featuring snowy landscapes, snowball fighting, Santa Claus, reindeer, beautifully decorated trees, and many more trademarks of this dearly treasured holiday season.

Play the Best Online Christmas Games for Free on CrazyGames, No Download or Installation Required. 🎮 Play Winter Clash 3D and Many More Right Now!
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