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Ball Games

Play ball in any of these free online ball games! Kick, roll, and bat balls across tables, courts, fields, and other environments.

About Ball Games

Playing ball is a phrase with many meanings, and this category includes “playing ball” in every circumstance where it is possible. In the US, playing ball may refer to playing baseball.

Humans have been playing with balls since long before historical records began, but there is evidence of ball games being played at least as far back as 1650 BC in Mesoamerica. There is just something so inherently alluring about these endlessly rolling objects that we’ve been hooked for thousands of years!

The Best Ball Games

You can find all the best ball games by filtering the page by “most played”. This will show you all the games that are most popular on CrazyGames, which is a good indication of how great these ball games are! Using the same filter you can also see the newest ball games.

Soccer Legends 2021 is an excellent example of a popular ball game that uses simple and fun mechanics to create a memorable gaming experience. Basket Bros is a similarly styled basketball game.

Outside the realm of sports games, there are many other addictive games with round things that roll, fall, and fly in various directions! For a classic check out the original Atari Breakout. Beyond that, Helix Jump and World's Hardest Game are two super fun arcade games to check out.

Browse the rest of this section to find many more free ball games to play online. As always, many of these games work on both desktop and mobile devices!


What are the most popular Ball Games?

  1. Golf Orbit
  2. Soccer Legends 2021
  3. Magnet Chess
  4. Helix Jump
  5. Rodha
  6. Sky Balls 3D
  7. Mini Golf Club
  8. Basketball Skills
  9. Hoop World 3D
  10. Free Kick Classic (3D Free Kick)

What are the best Ball Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. 99 Balls
  2. Bubble Fall
  3. Bubble Woods
  4. Bricks Breaker
  5. Soccer Legends 2021

What are some underrated Ball Games?

  1. BasketBros

What are Ball Games?

Ball games feature a spherical or egg-shaped object used in the context of a game. These ball-featuring games commonly involve sports like football, basketball, and soccer, but they also expand beyond those categories.

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