Where Are My Pets?

Where Are My Pets?

Where Are My Pets? Is the quirky puzzle game in which you need to find all of your pets. They are hidden in the house and you need to use your puzzle solving skills to figure out the clues given and search the rooms within the house to find them.

As you are given each clue you must determine the objects position based on what you learn from each clue. You can remove unnecessary items one by one until your left with just your pets to find. There are 18 different levels to complete all of different difficulty. Good luck!

Release Date

July 2018


Where Are My Pets? is made by Crescentyr who also developed Loisian Runes.


  • Clues-based gameplay
  • 18 levels with a different size
  • Cute objects
  • Kids friendly game


Web browser (desktop and mobile).


Use left mouse button to choose an object.