Wave Rider

Wave Rider is an epic side-scrolling arcade game with similar gameplay to the legendary Flappy Bird game. In this game, you dive underwater and have to move through underwater caves in the ocean!

The graphics of this game are fantastic and the underwater world has been beautifully created. You must watch out for the various obstacles and also avoid the falling rocks – if you get hit then you will have to restart from the beginning! This is an endless game – you must simply see how far you can swim through the beautiful waters!

Release Date

April 2017 (Android). January 2019 (WebGL).


Wave Rider is made by Deer Cat, the same developer who made the hugely popular Tunnel Rush.


  • Beautiful 3D underwater caves
  • Simple controls
  • Collectible gems
  • 40 intense levels to play


  • Web browser
  • Android


Hold space bar or left mouse button to ascend, release to descend.
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