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Trove is an MMO sandbox game with voxel-based graphics like Minecraft. Build your own wondrous realms and invite other players to explore. Join groups on epic quests into dungeons and lairs to pick up rare loot and improve your classes. Why not ride into battle on a dragon? Play Trove today. It's free.

Trove Basics

Set off on an MMO adventure with your friends and conquer dangerous realms and dungeons created by the community. You can build your own world to conquer too! With so many domains to explore, epic gear to loot, and classes to level up, this is a free-to-play adventure game that's well worth the investment!


In Trove, you can select from a vast number of classes with their own unique abilities and combat styles, ranging in difficulty.

This array of classes can be bought with class coins or crafted in a Chaos Core using the recipe for that class. All the classes in Trove:

  • Knight
  • Gunslinger
  • Dracolyte
  • Candy Barbarian
  • Pirate Captain
  • Boomeranger
  • Lunar Lancer
  • Fae Trickster
  • Neon Ninja
  • Ice Sage
  • Shadow Hunter
  • Tomb Raiser
  • Revenant
  • Chloromancer
  • Dino Tamer
  • Vanguardian

Whatever class you choose to venture through Trove, you can empower your abilities with equipable gems as you level up. The higher your level, the more gem slots you open, unlocking water to fire, and cosmic gem slots to levy an advantage during intense battles.


You can find items throughout in chests the game with various levels of rarity. You can also craft items if you have the right materials. If you earn enough in-game currency, you can buy a range of items in the shop or via trading with other players. Common in-game currencies include Glim, Cubits, Flux, or with Credits, which are bought with real-world money.


Crafting is essential in Trove and takes form as four crafting professions, each with their own crafting stations. Gardening, ringcrafting, and runecrafting are the main crafting professions, with Crystallogy being the newest. Each profession has a crafting bench for that particular skill. For example, the runecrafting bench is focused on crafting recipes and styles to boost the player's mastery.


As well as building great bases and structures, you can delve into a range of quests aimed at new and advanced players alike. Get together your most stalwart crew and delve into the deadly dungeons, lairs, and tricky Shadow towers to defeat bosses and raid sacred rarities for your gear stash.


  • Play in PvP modes against other players
  • Ride fire-breathing dragons into battle
  • Explore and create worlds full of adventure
  • Join your friends in epic battles for rare loot

Release Date

July 2015


Trove was developed by Gamigo.


  • Web browser
  • Steam


Mouse and keyboard
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