Taxi City
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Taxi City

Taxi City is a great simulator game in which you take charge of your online taxi! Are you just an ordinary hack or can you make it to the top and become the most successful taxi driver in the city? Pull in your customers, get them in the backseat, and drop them at their destination quickly. Earn enough to pay for your lease. Earn more and get your hands on a new car, a better car, which will take you all the way to the top!

Release Date

December 2018


Taxi City is made by Vladimír Nepor.


  • Three cars to drive
  • Upgradeable car
  • Various driving jobs around the city
  • Big beautiful city with many buildings
  • 3D cool graphics


Web browser


  • WASD or arrow keys to drive
  • Space bar to use handbrake
  • C to change camera
  • I to ignite the car