Stray Dog Care

Stray Dog Care is the beauty game but this time your patient is a poor abandoned puppy that needs your help. The puppy has been all lone for a long time and is mucky and covered iin dirt. Its hair is overgrown and it's in need of a haircut and good wash.

Start by washing the puppy's body and coat before giving it some food and healthy nutrients to nurse It back to full health. Once the puppy has grown strong and is looking healthy you can begin to dress it up and make it feel good. There is a total of 5 different activities to bring the puppy back to 100%, complete them all. Have fun!

Release Date

August 2018


  • A fun dog care game
  • 5 different activities to play, including nursing and dressing up
  • Interactive gameplay with easy to follow instructions
  • Nice music
  • Playable on mobile browsers


Web browser


Use your left mouse button to play.
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