Spider Solitaire


Spider Solitaire Online allows you to play the classic card game on the go. Before you start playing, you can choose from one of three different difficulties – easy, medium and hard. Easy allows you to play with just one pack of cards, medium 2, and hard 4. As you get used to the game you can increase the difficulty and give yourself a real challenge!

If you haven’t played Spider Solitaire before, the aim of the game and rules are simple: you must successfully get rid of all the cards on the playing field by placing them in number order. You start with 10 columns of cards and you must try and move them around to create a complete set (i.e. King through to Ace). If you cannot move any card, you must click the button in the bottom right hand corner which places a new row of cards over the current ones. If you are stuck, you can always use the reset button to start from scratch! Can you master Spider Solitaire?

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This game can be played online on your desktop and mobile browser.



Drag left mouse button to move a card.

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