8.5 is an epic and fast-paced multiplayer .io game. This title has similarities to the original retro Snake game that so many people enjoyed on their Nokia mobile phones. You must control a snake and collect food scattered around the map to grow in size - control your snake carefully and try to grow as large as possible. Be sure not to run into your own snake body otherwise you will die!

You must also try and take on your opponents and conquer them in the arena - try to encircle them and catch them unawares. You can only kill another player by making them crash into your snake body so act quickly and move fast! Watch out for other players too and try to avoid being outflanked! Can you create a monster snake and reign in the Snix arena?

Release Date

December 2017

Developer is developed by Clown Games who also made other cool .io games, like


  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • Once your speed is faster it becomes harder to maneuver, especially when there are crowded snakes
  • Changeable skins
  • You can see the end game's statistic


  • Web browser
  • Android



Use the WASD keys or the arrow keys to control the snake's movement.