MLG Edition

The new is here, and it's MLG-themed! In this game inspired by, you can choose your own snake from options such as an Angry Bird and a Nyan Cat. Then, jump into the competition to become the longest snake alive. Eat MLG objects, such as Mountain Dews and Doritos to grow your snake. Try to block other players' snakes with your body to kill them. Once they're killed, you can eat their leftover mass to grow! The game also features typical MLG music and sound effects. You can also boost your movement speed, but it will cost a small portion of your body length. Have fun with MLG Edition!

Release Date

May 2017

Developer MLG Edition was made by Oleksandr Lushpihan.


  • Web browser
  • Android
  • iOS



Use your mouse to move. Left click to boost speed.

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