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June 2019
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Snake game is back with awesome new levels and snakes. The classic arcade game returns but this time you can play from your mobile browser instead of an old fashioned Nokia 3310 mobile phone! If anyone can remember playing this original game then they will simply fall in love with this browser version.

The gameplay mechanics remain the same. Control a hungry snake using the keyboard arrow keys. Move the snake around the playing area and collect the fruit as you progress. For each piece of fruit the snake eats, it will increase in length by one block.

Try to grow a huge snake and gain a high score by weaving around the map collecting food. There is different food to eat such as apples, pears and also small creatures like snails. The animals provide a high score bonus - mice give 60 points whereas apples only give 30.

During each level, you can collect a snake egg once you reach a certain score. These new snake eggs can be hatched open. Inside, a new snake is revealed that you can control! The second unlockable snake, for example, is a drake - this is a cool snake/dragon hybrid. In total, you can play as 8 different snakes and more are being added.

Aside from the different snakes, there are also three game speeds. Speed one is extremely slow - the snake is easy to control. On the other hand, speed three is extremely fast - quick reflexes and reactions are required to control the snake effectively.

The graphics of this title might be retro, but they are still an improvement from the old mobile phone versions. The gameplay is really what makes the awesome snake title, however. It is simple but hugely addictive and fun. Why not give this classic arcade game a try today and see what high score you can register?

Release Date

June 2019


Snake was developed by Nokia.


  • Official original Nokia version
  • Fullscreen mode available
  • 3 Snake speeds available


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Use the arrow keys to move around the snake.