Santa Snake

Santa Snake is a cool multiplayer IO game with a cute Christmas theme. In this game, you must battle against other Christmas snakes to create the largest and most deadly snake in existence. Move around the map and collect the food scattered on the floor - this will make your snake longer.

You must then try and take out the other snakes by making them crash into you! Watch out though, if you crash into them you will die and have to restart! Can you become the best Santa snake in the arena and beat all of your opponents?

Release Date

December 2018


webofgrafix developed Santa Snake.


  • Multiplayer snake game
  • The snakes are equipped with Christmas-related equipment
  • Various expression of the snakes
  • Minimap to see the location of the other snakes
  • Power-ups to pick-up in the arena


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Press left or right mouse button to boost speed.
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