Return Man 2: Mud Bowl

Return Man 2: Mud Bowl is another exciting and challenging addition to the Return Man American Football game series. This game features all the classic Return Man elements, but the football fields you play on are covered in dirty mud so you will make a mess! You must use your quarterback to catch the football and make a run to the end zone to score a touchdown.

Use the WASD or keyboard arrows to control the movement of your character and try to avoid tackles from the opposing team. You can also use three different special moves to evade tackles - a burst of speed, a spin move, and a long jump. As you progress the opponents become increasingly difficult and you must move quicker to avoid being smashed to the muddy floor! Can you complete every level and become a football pro? If you like this game, why not try zombie edition of Return Man 2 or Return Man 3 (the final and best game in the series).


Return Man 2: Mud Bowl is made by Mini Monster Media.


This game is a web browser game.



  • Press I or up arrow to run forward
  • Press K or down arrow to run backward
  • Use J or left arrow to run left
  • Use L to or right arrow run right
  • Press ASD to use special move
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