Return Man 2: Zombies

Return Man 2: Zombies is a cool American Football game with a spooky Halloween theme. Instead of running through the football field and avoiding tackles from humans (as you do in the original Return Man 2), you are instead running through the pitch and avoiding being eaten by zombies! You can play on ten different stages, each of which has a different stadium and a different range of characters to run by.

During the first level you are alone and you must tackle the zombies without help! As you progress however you gain a team of line-backers who will sacrifice themselves and keep the zombies engaged whilst you make a break for freedom! At the start of each level the ball is thrown towards you. You must catch it and then make your way to the touchdown line without being caught. Don’t forget to use your three special moves and collect power-ups that are scattered on the pitch! Can you escape the zombies and run to freedom?


Mini Monster Media



  • I or up arrow to run forward
  • K or down arrow to run backward
  • J or left arrow to run left
  • L to or right arrow run right
  • ASD to use special move
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