Remove FRVR

Remove FRVR

Remove FRFR is another episode from the awesome FRVR puzzle series. In this title you must aim to remove all the blocks on the playing field within a certain number of moves. This might sound easy but you have to think hard and really consider each move carefully. You can remove two adjacent blocks placed together and you can also insert new rows of blocks if you get stuck or need help.

For each set of blocks you remove you gain a score and you also gain extra moves therefore the more blocks you remove, the longer you can play each level for. If you enjoy this title, then why not try one of the other FRVR games – Trigon FRVR for example?

Release Date

April 2018


Remove FRVR is developed by FRVR.


  • Different block colors
  • Power-ups to destroy many blocks at once
  • Nice music and sound effects
  • You can see your best score
  • Playable as well on mobile browsers


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Left click to destroy blocks.