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Puppy Blast


Puppy Blast is an addicting arcade game where you match colorful puppy treats. There are plenty of exciting levels, upgrades, and epic puppy treat explosions to keep you hooked on this cute matching game!

How to Play Puppy Blast

Match colorful blocks

Click on groups of two or more blocks of the same color to remove them. Larger groups of the same color yield rewards like missiles, bombs, and the coveted magic cube. The bigger the group, the better the reward.

The game will give you an objective to reach on each level. This could be getting the tennis balls to the bottom, or popping all the balloons.

Blast them with upgrades

The image on the blocks will change to indicate what reward you will earn from blasting that block of color. Think tactically to bring together large groups of the same color. If you have two power-ups side-by-side, you can combine them to create a super-explosion that wins the game quickly.

Along with plenty of dazzling animations and upgrades to keep you playing this adorable puppy game, you also get gold, silver, and other cool items by coming back to play more.

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Release Date

May 2019


Yizhiyuan Network Technology made this game.


  • Thrilling visual animations
  • Various power-ups that create action
  • Level up and earn currency and other upgrades
  • Unique objectives to complete on each level


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Press left mouse button to blast the blocks.