Puppet Wrestling

Puppet Wrestling is a cool fighting game with fun gameplay, cool graphics and a unique twist on the wrestling genre. You control a wooden puppet, and you are connected to your opponent by your hands - one player uses the WAD keys to move, and the other uses the keyboard arrow keys.

You must move your puppet and try to overpower your opponent, dislodge them and disconnect their head from their body! You can do this by tripping them over, smashing them on the floor, or even performing a flip over them. Watch how the puppets move and try to work out the best way to overcome the opposing player. This game is great fun, especially with friends and family!

Release Date

April 13, 2017


RHM Games made this game.


  • Two player game
  • Different wooden puppet color in each round
  • Plenty of pickups, for example, upside-down arena and wooden boxes
  • You can set your own score to win the game


This game is a web browser game.


Left player controls

Use W, A, and D.

Right player controls

Use up, left, and right arrow.
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