Pre-Civilization: Marble Age

Pre-Civilization: Marble Age is a game of strategy and conquest. You must play as either the Athenians or Spartans – each civilization has different perks; for example, the Spartans can have stronger troops that cost less to recruit. The main aim of the game is to unite Greece and create a strong civilization. It is your responsibility to manage aspects of your civilizations such as material production, cultural growth, trading and military forces.

The game is turn based and each turn represents a pre-determined number of years. During each turn you can complete various actions such as creating new buildings, increasing production and researching new technologies. There are many aspects to control and you must leave nothing unattended – explore new regions, trade with other civilizations and vanquish your enemies. You must manage your resources, workers and armies carefully in order to unite Greece and create the perfect civilization.


Pre-Civilization: Marble Age is a strategy game developed by Clarus Victoria from Russia.



Left click to do actions.
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