Picoban is a fun and retro puzzle game that takes inspiration from the classic game of Sokoban. In this fun puzzle game you must attempt to find the key in each level to open the locked door and progress to the next level. Use the WASD keys to move your character, and if you get stuck, use the Z or X key to restart the level.

In this version you will encounter a greater variety of obstacles such as traps and blocking gems. Use your logic and puzzle solving skills to find a way to locate the key and get through that door! With cool 8-bit graphics, retro music and challenging gameplay, this game pays homage to Sokoban and brings new life to the genre.

Release Date

April 2018


Picoban was made by Carlos Pedroso.


  • Sokoban-style gameplay
  • 8-bit graphics
  • A total of 15 challenging levels to be completed
  • Timer to track your taken time


Web browser



  • Use WASD to move
  • Press Z or X to restart
  • Press enter or P to pause
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