Oni Hunter

Oni Hunter is an epic platform game with retro pixelated graphics and fun ninja based gameplay. You are a highly skilled ninja and you have been tasked with wiping out the evil Oni organization and their band of warriors. You can control time and slow it down to skillfully take out all of your opponents in one flurry of attacks – mark your targets carefully and ensure that you have a clear path to each enemy.

During each encounter you only have a limited number of moves therefore you must plan your attacks carefully and maximize your offensive potential. Once you have eliminated the Oni you must return to the elevator to escape carefully. This game has fun ninja gameplay and some awesome attack sequences and moves that are executed as you slow down time. Can you thrive as a ninja and eliminate the Oni once and for all?

Release Date

April 2018


Oni Hunter was made by Team Skurt: Alexandre Villiers-Moriamé and Antoine Destailleurs (game art), Guilhem D’Humières (sound design), and Nicolas Ceriani (programming and design).


  • A cool action game that requires a lot of planning
  • Beautiful pixel artworks and nice sound effects
  • 4 type of enemies with a different capability


Oni Hunter is a web browser game.



  • Right click to enter strike mode
  • Left click to mark a target
  • R to restart level
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