Moorhuhn Shooter

Moorhuhn Shooter is a fantastic cartoon shooter which is a remake of the popular Flying Chicken platform title. You are armed with a double barrelled shotgun and your mission is simple – to shoot as many flying chickens as possible in the allotted time! The chickens fly across your screen at various different levels and heights and you get a different amount of points for shooting the chickens that are further away. For example if you hit a chicken that is flying in the background at a greater distance you score 25 points.

You only have a limited amount of shots per clip before you have to reload; be sure to keep an eye on your ammo count and use the space bar to reload regularly. Avoid hitting the sign posts otherwise your score will be reduced, but do try and hit some of the other objects on the level such as the scarecrow and windmill sails. This game will keep you entertained for hours as you try and improve on your top score. How many chickens can you vanquish? Can you become a crack shot?


Moorhuhn Shooter is developed by Phenomedia.


This game can be played online on a desktop or mobile browser (use the landscape mode).



  • Move your mouse to aim
  • Left click to shoot
  • Space bar to reload
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