Mobs, Inc.
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Mobs, Inc.

In Mobs, Inc., you become an employee that is tasked by your CEO to survive in the dungeon full of dark monsters. Try to do a job well done, and when you reach certain levels, you can earn new powerful skills.

Release Date

December 2015 and has been updated in November 2019.


Mobs, Inc. was made by Pietro Ferrantelli. Check out his other games in Dark Soil and Overgame.



Web browser


Rules for all monsters in the dungeon:
  • Kill adventurers with quick strikes (left-click)
  • Use special skills to kill more adventurers once you are promoted (press QWE)
  • If you upset the CEO 4 times, you will be fired!


  • Move your mouse to move the character
  • Press left mouse button to do a dashing attack
  • Use QWE to use special skills