Miner is the 3D mining game in which you are on a quest to become the greatest miner known in the land. Get straight into the action and begin to mine your way through various precious materials and metals to begin your journey.

As you mine you will start to earn money for your hard work, use this money to buy upgrades to help you mine faster and increase your income as a result. As you progress you can start to hire workers to assist you on your journey. As you mine more and more precious metals you can go to other planets to explore what mysterious materials they have to offer too. Get to work in this fun mining game!

Release Date

May 2018


GlorifiedPig (Ryan Cherry) made this game. You can view the developer's portfolio on his website.


  • Clicker game about mining
  • Awesome 3D graphics
  • Plenty of upgrade options
  • Status information
  • Level up and reputation system
  • Coming soon: the ability to go to other planets


Miner is a web browser game.



Use left mouse button to mine and buy upgrades.
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