Minecraft Badminton

Minecraft Badminton is exactly what you would expect – a cool badminton game that uses the blocky graphics and characters from the iconic Minecraft game. If you love sport and Minecraft then you are sure to love this game! Choose your favourite character from the Minecraft world and face off against a range of different opponents in intense games of badminton!

During each game you must be the first to reach 7 points – move around the court quickly and try to use a range of different shots to try and pass the shuttlecock by your opponent. Don’t forget to jump to perform a hard-hitting smash and time your shots perfectly to win points! This game is hugely addictive and the badminton gameplay is great fun so step onto the blocky court today!

Release Date

December 2017


Minecraft Badminton is developed by vsDog.


  • Two player mode is available
  • Various character models from Minecraft
  • Simple controls
  • Unlockable new characters


Minecraft Badminton is a web browser game.



  • W or up arrow to jump
  • A or left arrow to move left
  • D or right arrow to move right
  • S or down arrow or space bar or numpad 1 to swing
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