Minecaves 2

Minecaves 2

Minecaves 2 is the second edition of the mine cave explorer arcade game series, the original can be found here Minecaves. Steve is the character and his story continues as this time he is exploring deep dungeons in search of gemstones.

There are plenty of different traps and monsters that you must avoid to make sure that journey is successful. You must plan your route carefully to avoid all of these whilst still collecting the gems. There are 25 fun filled levels to complete all filled with puzzles and obstacles that you must overcome. Have fun!

Release Date

July 2018


  • A fun Minecraft-style arcade game
  • You can only move in a linear direction
  • Various monsters and traps along the way
  • Some puzzle mechanisms to solve, including axes to open specific blocks
  • Three collectible stars in each level
  • 25 levels to beat


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Use arrow keys to move.