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Match Adventure


Match Adventure is a fun match-3 game where you do various quests to help rebuild a mysteriously destroyed forest. Join Gemmy the squirrel on a journey to reconstruct the woods and figure out what has happened!


Match gems to earn coins

Match Adventure features addictive match-3 gameplay with a twist. Use the matching mini-games to earn coins, and feel the satisfaction of chaining multiple matches at once! There are one or more tasks you must complete in each match-3 mini-game.

Upgrade your match-3 arsenal

Clear gems with explosive speed using the various upgrade cards. Upgrades are given to you when you get certain combos in the game. These upgrades can be further improved in the ‘My Cards’ section, where you can use gold to enhance their effectiveness.

Follow a riveting story

Someone or something has destroyed your forest patch, and Gemmy’s brother Johnny is missing. There are 6 exciting parts to the story, starting with chapter 1 — finding Gemmy’s brother. Each chapter has a range of quests you must complete before moving on to the next chapter.

Rebuild your home

You’ll build back your squirrel kingdom as you progress, restoring destroyed wildlands to their former glory. There are so many satisfying bonuses and extras to keep you engaged with the mission.

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Available languages

  • Russian
  • English

Click the cog icon in the top left corner, then the globe icon, to change the language.

Release Date

  • August 2021 (Android and iOS)
  • November 2021 (HTML5)


Overmobile made Match Adventure.


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • Android
  • iOS


Left-click to swipe the gems.