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Mahjong Classic

(42,950 votes)
May 2018
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Mahjong Classic is a free mahjong game featuring traditional rules and tiles. This classic and iconic game puts your logic and memory skills to the test. There are no time limits or restrictions, you can sit back and enjoy a relaxing mahjong game online at your own pace.

How to Play Mahjong Classic

Tile groups

Mahjong is a challenging puzzle game featuring 144 tiles divided primarily into three suits. The primary suits are:

  • Dots - feature circles
  • Bamboo - feature lines
  • Characters - feature Chinese characters

In this version of Mahjong Classic, you’ll also notice a mixture of honor and bonus tiles such as flower tiles and dragon tiles.

Many of the tiles look similar but have slight visual differences. You need to keep your mind sharp and focused on spotting the differences to find identical pieces that match.

Matching tiles

What makes mahjong tricky is the inability to move pieces with both of their sides blocked. That means you can only match mahjong tiles with at least one of their left or right sides free. It helps to start from the top of the pile and work your way down.

Using hints

If you get stuck, Mahjong Classic features infinite hints, and you can shuffle the board at any time. This is a refreshing change from mahjong games that add time limits and have no tips. You can really take your time to think about your moves in this puzzle game.

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Mahjong Classic is a top choice if you’re looking to play an original game of mahjong solitaire. However, there are many more titles to choose from in our free mahjong games collection. You can play any of these games for free online in your web browser. Other popular choices include Mahjong Connect.


  • A mixture of suited and honor tile groups
  • Relaxed pace - no time limits
  • Infinite hints and shuffles to help you
  • Clean, sharp visuals with great sound effects

Release Date

April 2018


Web browser (desktop and mobile).


Left-click to select a tile.


Does Mahjong Classic work on mobile?

Yes, you can play Mahjong Classic on your mobile device!

What are the rules of Mahjong Classic?

Match the identical tiles to remove them. You can move any tile that doesn’t have the left, right, or both sides blocked by other pieces.

Is Mahjong Classic good for beginners?

Yes. If you want to learn how to play traditional Mahjong Solitaire, Mahjong Classic is a great choice. There is an infinite amount of hints if you get stuck.

Gameplay Video