8.2 is an epic multiplayer fighting game in which you must fight against other players online inside an immense cave complex. You cannot simply move through this cave at ease however – you must mine your way through the cave and create tunnels that you can walk through. Watch out for other players tunneling behind you and trying to sneak up on you!

Fight your opponents with a wide variety of weapons that you find scattered throughout the cave and try to rack up as many kills as possible! Also look out for power-ups as you progress as these can give you a combat boost, and help you destroy your enemies quicker. Can you survive underground?

Release Date

May 2018

Developer was made by Mariusz.


  • 2D side-scrolling shooting game
  • Soldier character
  • 4 different weapons to use
  • You can create your own room or invite friends to play together
  • Many power-ups to pick-up during a match


This game is a web browser game.



  • Use WASD to control the character's movement
  • Press left mouse button to shoot
  • Use E to switch weapons
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