Mud and Blood 3

Mud and Blood 3 is the fantastic sequel to the popular Mud and Blood 2. The war is still raging in the Pacific and Europe and you must help your nation to victory. You have a team of 6 soldiers and you must move them individually to take the objective and take out the enemy troops and guns. This game requires great strategy and you must move your troops with care.

Make use of cover such as trees, bushes, trenches, barbed wire and rocky outcrops – this will protect you from incoming fire and reduce the damage you take. As your units progress they gain promotion – you can choose a series of different classes to promote your units too such as a medic, sniper and engineer – each class provides a different bonus or ability. Try to use a balanced composition of units that complement each other. How far can you progress on the battlefield? Can you successfully invade Omaha beach?


  • Left click to select and move a unit
  • W/up or S/down or mouse scroll to move the camera's view

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