Kingdom is a fantastic strategy game with beautiful graphics. You are a lone king and are traveling to a new land to rebuild your kingdom.

With some gold left, you can recruit people and let them work. Buy a bow to make an archer that can hunt bunnies to earn money and defend your kingdom. Buy a scythe to make a builder and buy a farmer who can build walls and farm the fields. You need to build walls to protect your kingdom from evil thieves that are coming to steal your riches at night. Maintain a good amount of archers because they are the only ones that can take down the thieves. Make sure to collect gold that is dropped or it will disappear forever. Spend your gold wisely! If your horse is tired and can't run, let him rest by standing on the grass. Finally, expand your kingdom and become the most respected king in the country. Have fun!


Kingdom is developed by Noio (Thomas van den Berg), an indie developer from the Netherlands.



  • Left and right arrow to move
  • Down arrow to do action
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