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Jewels Blitz 4


Jewels Blitz 4 is a match-3 game with an ancient tribal theme! Match three or more of the same gems to clear them from the level. Use boosters to create epic Jewel Blitz combos and reap the rewards of chests and more! Sit back and enjoy the tribal pan pipe tunes.

How to Play


Swap your jewels' position to align them in one shiny horizontal or vertical row of three or more. This clears all the matching items, leaving space for more precious gems to fall into the game. If you match four or more jewels, they will combine to create an explosive seal, which you can use to blow up entire rows on your next match.


In Jewels Blitz 4, you can use boosters tactically to clear large amounts of gems at once. These special bonuses are great for achieving your objectives before all your moves are up! Buy them with gold coins. As well as booster gems, there are various bombs and super gems created by combining certain jewels.

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  • Shiny, colorful jewels to mix and match
  • Various objectives to complete with a star-rating
  • Clear the board with epic effects using super gems and bombs
  • Progress through an ancient pathway of jewel-matching mystery


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Drag of click left mouse button to move the tiles.


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