Goat or Throat

Goat or Throat is a fun and humorous game in which you must attempt to identify whether the sound in question is a human throat or the voice of a goat! Yes, you heard it right, this game is fun and unbelievably silly.

You must listen to a variety of sound recordings, and use your listening skills to identify the culprit! Is it a goat, or is it a human throat? The choices are yours to make. After each guess, you get to watch the resulting video too.

Release Date

July 2018


Goat or Throat is made by Halvbra Media.


  • Tricky sound
  • You can see the source video after guessing
  • Fun to play
  • Statistics of the answers
  • Available in English and Swedish language


Web browser (desktop and mobile).


Press left mouse button to choose an answer.
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