Giraffe Winter Sports Simulator
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Giraffe Winter Sports Simulator

Giraffe Winter Sports Simulator is a whacky and fun sports simulator in which you control a huge giraffe! This is not just any giraffe however as he is equipped with a rocket booster – he can fly! You must attempt to help the giraffe fly as far as possible and zoom through a series of giant hoops.

This might sound easy, but you have to keep boosting the rocket at the right time to keep your momentum and the correct angle. As you progress, you can upgrade your giraffe and improve his rocket boost and other stats. Furthermore, you can purchase other giraffe characters to control. This game is so much fun and a great laugh!

Release Date

January 2015 (Android). January 2019 (HTML5).


UAB Applava developed this game.


  • Featuring a giraffe with a rocket
  • Cool physics
  • Single and two player modes
  • Buyable new giraffes and upgrades


Giraffe Winter Sports Simulator is a web browser game. We also have the Android version.


Press left mouse button to use the boost.