GBox: The Puzzle Collection

Games in a Box. The logic and puzzle collection of 14 games to improve logic, counting, memory, and attention. All in one.

Each game has several varieties:

1. Pairs

Concentration game is also known as Match Match, MatchUp, Memory or simply Pairs. Classic, search, blockade and bombs game types available. Turn over tiles and try to find they match with fewer turns as possible.

2. Cube

Paint the Cube is a 3D puzzle for spatial thinking. When the face of the cube touches the tiles, they exchange colors. Move the cube until all faces are painted.

3. Circuit.

Similar to the famous game with pipes, plumber. Swipe puzzle as a variation. Connect the contacts to make chains.

4. TetraVex.

Mosaic logic puzzle with numbers or colors. Move tiles until all of the tiles match the colors of all the adjoining tiles on all of their sides.

5. Counting

Mental arithmetic calculations. There is a blitz mode. Panel at the top shows the math question. And the playing field consisting of tiles with answers. Do sum. Then find the tile with the right answer.

6. Light Out also known as Turn Off or Discolor game

Available variation with three colors. When you tap, the tile and its neighbors change color. Make all tiles discolored.

7. Slide & Swap

Slide Puzzle, Picture Sliding Puzzle, and variations include fifteen puzzles.The object is to place the tiles in order by making sliding or swapping moves that use the empty space.

8. Repeat

Remember the sequence. Memory and concentration game. Press the tiles in the order in which they appear on the game field.

9. Revolve and Twiddle

Logic jigsaw puzzle. Rotate the grouped tiles and arrange them in ascending order starting from the upper left corner.

10. Domino

Logic puzzle. Make domino from tiles so that they do not repeat.

11. Doubling

The logic game with numbers. Swipe to combine the same tiles to make double number tile.

12. Sequences

The game with math sequences. Find the tiles in order of the chosen sequence type.

13. Swipe

Interested in fans of the fifteen game. Swipe a row or column with tiles to solve the puzzle. Symmetry game type: the left and right halves must be a reflection of one another.

14. Different

Spot the difference. Two types of game:

- Compare the two halves and find a different tile

- Find a unique tile that does not repeat

15. All in one.

Play all games in one box.

More games in a box are coming…

Just play this games and get profit for the brains!

Release Date

August 2018


SimplePG developed GBox: The Puzzle Collection.


  • 14 puzzle and logic games
  • Fun games for all ages
  • Simple interface
  • Easy to follow instructions


GBox: The Puzzle Collection is a web browser game. It's also available as an Android app.



Use left mouse button to play.
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