Freakotron Neon Snake

Freakotron Neon Snake is a cool arcade game inspired by the original snake title. In this game, you must control a neon snake and try to collect as many apples as possible while increasing in size. This might sound easy, but you must continually click the left mouse button to alter the course of your snake.

The snake tries to circle continually - you must alter the curve to make the snake move where you want to collect the apples. As you progress, the snake becomes larger and harder to control. You must avoid the central red neon spikes at all costs! How many apples can you collect?

Release Date

September 2015 (Android). December 2018 (HTML5).


Freakotron Neon Snake was developed by Test Signal.


  • A swirly movement that challenges you
  • Endless Snake game with neon graphics


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Press left mouse button to play.
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