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Freak Taxi Simulator

Developed by  Mike Games
Freak Taxi simulator - online game for driving enthusiasts

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a taxi driver? If you have, you can realize your dreams in this awesome taxi simulation game. This is not your standard driving game however - strap yourself in and get ready for a crazy ride through the city!

In Freak Taxi Simulator, you are a taxi driver and you must collect passengers at different points in the city. You must then try and drop them off at their desired location in time!

As you drive you must navigate the streets and dodge all of the obstacles in your way. Each level presents a different challenge, and you must drop your customer off within the time limit. Also, collect the gold coins as you drive to boost your score!

The 3D graphics are cool, and the driving gameplay is intense and so much fun. Can you complete every level and prove yourself as a freak taxi driver? Or will your taxi driving prove to be terrible and you crash and burn in this epic taxi simulation game?

Release Date

May 2019


Mike Games developed Freak Taxi Simulator. The developer also made other great racing games, such as Drift Club and ATV Quad Moto Racing.


Web browser


  • Use the WASD keys or the arrow keys to control the car
  • Press shift for Nitro
  • Press space bar for the hand brake