Fortz is an exciting two-player battle game in which you must use various different weapons to destroy your opponent and build a fort to protect yourself! Use the WASD keys to move your character and use the W and S keys when close to a gun to move its turret up and down - use the D key to fire your turrets gun! Your turrets only have limited ammo so be sure to pick up ammo crates.

Aside from the turrets, you can place blocks to fortify your base and also reach higher parts of the level. Also, watch out for pickups you can find on the ground that drop things such as vicious dogs, robot turrets and airplanes that drop bombs! You can choose from a variety of different levels to play on - each of which has a different layout and turrets. Can you conquer your opponent in Fortz?

Release Date

This game was initially released as a Flash game in September 2014. It has been updated as an HTML5 game in January 2019.


Fortz is made by Colin Lane.


  • Two player game
  • Many pre-made maps for you to play
  • Dropped random power-ups


  • Web browser


Player 1 controls

  • WAD to move
  • WS to aim
  • D to shoot
  • S to place a block

Player 2 controls

  • Up, left, and right arrow to move
  • Up and down arrow to aim
  • Left arrow to shoot
  • Down arrow to place a block
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