Evades.io is an awesome io game in which you must work your way through a series of different levels and try to evade the grey circles. This is a unique and fun io game and you can actually work together with your teammates to progress further in the game. Each level has a start and end point and you must pass between the two without being hit by a grey circle.

You must also collect the multi-colored circles on the levels to boost your level - as your level increases you can assign stat points to your speed and health. If you see a teammate that has been hit by a grey circle, be sure to go and rescue them and help them reach the finish line! Can you become a top evader?

Release Date

January 2017


  • Fun competitive gameplay
  • You can do the journey together with other players
  • You can level up and upgrade the hero


  • Web browser



  • Use WASD keys to move
  • J or K to use ability 1
  • Z or X to use ability 2
  • 12345 to upgrade your hero
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