Empire: World War 3 (Millennium Wars)
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Empire: World War 3 (Millennium Wars)

Empire: World War 3 is a fantastic strategy game in which you must attempt to build a thriving human colony on the planet Mars. You must create your colony by building various structures - start by building resource production facilities such as a mine - these buildings will gather resources automatically over time. Once you have built those structures, you can turn your attention to troops and defences.

Build as variety of different troops to help defend your colony and to explore Mars and seek out other life forms. You can upgrade your buildings and units and research new items as you progress. This game has superb graphics, fun gameplay and the tech tree and units are extensive. Have fun today and try to make your empire on Mars!

Release Date

The initial release date is April 2017 as Android app. The online version is available since March 2018. It was rebranded to Empire: World War 3 in January 2019. Before it was known as Empire: Millennium Wars.


Empire: World War 3 is made by Goodgame Studios, just like the smash hits Goodgame Empire and Big Farm.


  • Awesome MMO game set in Mars
  • Place various buildings to build your base
  • Various military units to train, such as heavy troops and tanks
  • Minerals that are used as the main resources
  • Expandable base by occupying other areas
  • Team up with other players' colony and fight others


  • Web browser
  • Android
  • iOS


Use your mouse to play this game.