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Duck Life

(19,615 votes)
HTML5 (Unity WebGL)
Browser (desktop-only), App Store(iOS)
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Duck Life is the first game in the Duck Life series. A tornado has struck your farm and destroyed everything. All that remains is a single duck egg. Train this duckling to peak athletic form so you can earn money to rebuild the farm.

How to Play


Train your duck by playing various minigames that increase your running, swimming, and flying abilities. The duck will get stronger and faster the more you train. While training, you’ll also find coins. Try to pick up as many as possible!


Nourishment is essential for a duck of the athlete variety. You can buy the blue seed which gives your energy a huge boost and is 100% approved by the duck Olympic committee. There’s also regular grains for general feeding. Feed your duck these seeds to increase your energy score before competing in any races.


When you think your duck is ready for a real competition, you can enter various races to earn money. Here you get to sit back and watch your duck go! Races yield you plenty of coin and unlock new items in the shop.

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  • Various fun minigames to play
  • Delicious seeds that give you energy
  • Glamorize your duck with various aesthetic tweaks
  • Compete in races to earn coins


Duck Life is a game by Wix Games, an indie studio from the UK.

Running control

Use up arrow to jump.

Flying controls

Use left and right arrow to move up and down.

Swimming controls

Use up arrow to jump and down arrow to dive. Press left and right arrow to move left and right.


Where can I play Duck Life?

You can play Duck Life right here on CrazyGames.com! You can also play the entire series of Duck Life games for free here.

How many Duck Life games are there?

There are 6 Duck Life games available to play on CrazyGames.

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