Dupl.io is a fun and unique .io game with an interesting concept. You must gain territory by spreading your dice across the map. Each dice starts with a number 1 – when you click on your dice, its number increases – when your dice reaches four, it will split into four new dices in a wider area. You must repeat this process and attempt to expand your territory and conquer the other player’s areas too.

Think carefully about your dice placement and also the numbers present – when you split a dice, if there are any current dice in its proximity, their number will change too. This game requires great concentration, logical thinking and quick reactions. Can you roll the dice and become a master of Dupl?

Release Date

January 2018


Dupl.io was made by Shaun Y.


  • Different color to start with
  • The game has a clicker element in which you need to click to increase the number and compete with others
  • Straightforward gameplay with a lot of competition


  • Web browser



Left click to increase a number.
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