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Desert Operations


Desert Operations is a free military strategy MMO game. Like many RTS games, you must harvest resources and expand your base to gain new capabilities. Become the leader of your nation, engage in tactical warfare, and dominate the game. This game puts your strategic and economic skills up against thousands of players around the globe.

Desert Operations

Build, expand, and command a military civilization - all within your web browser. Desert Operations puts you in control of an army operation in the desert. You must expand your base, build and upgrade units to increase your fighting power and dominate the game by being the most powerful leader.


Building structures is the first stage of creating a functional base. Doing so will unlock further options, more buildings and more land for you to expand to and develop a massive base with advanced capabilities. You'll also unlock upgrades for your units. When you've built your base, you can take it to the community and put it to the test.


Put your base to the test in an online skirmish against other players to see who has the most epic base and advanced military powers. Chat with other players or play with your friends.

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Gamigo made this game.


Web browser


Mouse and keyboard