Death by Ninja

Death by Ninja is a fantastic action game with retro graphics and challenging gameplay. You control the black ninja in the center of the arena – from all angles you will be assaulted by other invading ninjas and you must defeat them with mighty swings from your blade. Each attacking ninja will attempt to dispatch you in a different way – red ninjas for example will lunge at you with their swords, whereas blue ninjas will launch throwing stars at you.

You must choose your attacks carefully and have amazing reactions in order to slay your enemies. Watch out for the extremely potent and fast gunshot that will randomly fire – this bullet is quick and you must react quickly to deflect it. How many seconds will you last in the ninja arena? Will you fight off hundreds of warriors or will you succumb to a quick defeat?


Death by Ninja is developed by Red Forest Interactive.



WASD or arrow keys to attack.

Pro tip

Use both WASD and arrow keys to change attack direction quickly.
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