Take on the role of a gladiator and fight enemies in Colossorama, a gladiator game with battles between life and death! The enemies are coming at you wave by wave and from both sides. You need to eliminate all of them. After you do so, you can get 1 new weapon or item; you can only bring 2 weapons and 1 item to each battle. The number of enemies is increasing with each new wave, so make sure to equip yourself with the best weapons. The game features 2 game modes with the gameplay but with different weapon options and enemies. You only have one chance in battle and there is no continue option. Can you become the mightiest gladiator alive? Prove it in Colossorama!

Tip: A weapon with a status effect or a weapon that can life steal are the best options.


Colossorama is developed by Jorge M. Carvalho, a Portuguese game developer. You can support him here.


Gladiator controls

  • AD or left/right arrow keys to move
  • W or space bar to jump
  • E to use an item
  • Use your mouse to change the attack direction and press left mouse button to attack
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