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Color Snake

(2,270 votes)
Royale Gamers
November 2018
HTML5 (Unity WebGL)
Browser (desktop-only), iOS, Android

Color Snake arcade Game - a classic endless arcade title. Color Snake is a brilliant endless arcade game in which you take control of a colored snake. Your snake can only hit the same objects as its own color – for example, if the snake is red, you can only hit red objects. If you hit any other color, you will die!

If you love the classic snake title, you will surely love this - it is one of the best snake games we have seen. It is right up there with other classic games like Breakout and Color Splash. The controls are simple - use the keyboard arrows to move the snake either left, right or forward. Players must have lightning-fast reactions to move their snake and dodge the different colored blocks.

Players must watch for the colored band that stretches across the center of the screen. Whatever color this is, the snake will change accordingly. Players must also try and collect the golden stars throughout the levels. It is a choice of progressing through the obstacles, or attempting to grab stars - sometimes stars can cause players to crash!

Some of the obstacles are stationary - these are easy to avoid. Some, however, move! These are tricky and players must time their movements perfectly to avoid them. Don’t forget to check out our snake gaming categories to find similar fun titles and other exciting free online games.

You can eat the glowing dots on the screen for a speed boost and it will also help you destroy objects quicker. There is no end to this game – you must simply try and see what high score you can accumulate! The graphics are cool and the endless gameplay will make you try and beat your high score! Take control of the colored snake today!

Release Date

July 2018 (Android) and August 2018 (iOS). November 2018 (WebGL - online).


This version of Color Snake was made by Royale Gamers.


  • An fun endless arcade game that is inspired by Color Switch
  • The main character is a snake
  • Various colored obstacles along the way
  • In each attempt, if you are failed, you can continue the game for one time at the cost of stars


  • Web browser
  • Android
  • iOS


AD or left/right arrow or drag left mouse button to move the snake.
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