Click for Glory

Click for Glory is a fun idle game in which you are a simple farmer in the Middle Ages. You have huge aspirations and you wish to become the king of the land – you can achieve this by amassing a huge amount of gold and advancing into various different jobs. Start farming to accumulate gold – you can use this gold to hire other farmers to increase your income.

Once you have hired farmers you can buy sheep and other livestock to further your wealth. As you progress, you can start new jobs within the kingdom such as a Knight – each successive job unlocks a new selection of items to collect and will allow you earn a higher amount of gold. Eventually, you will gain enough funds to become the King but this will take time and dedication – can you achieve your dreams?

Release Date

February 2018


Click for Glory was made by Master Chameleon Games, a one-man indie game developer that have made several other cool games. You can check them out on their homepage.


  • Simple clicker game with job system
  • Access more units and gold per click as you have a new job
  • Nice background that resembles your current rank


  • Web browser



Use left mouse button to play.
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