Circus Charlie
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Circus Charlie

Circus Charlie is an awesome circus game in which you get to control a large and fierce lion! You must help this fantastic lion jump through various obstacles and navigate his way around the circus!

Timing is so important, and if you hit any object at all then your go is over, and you must restart from the beginning. If you enjoy this fun arcade game you should also check our another classic game, Ski Free!

Release Date

The game was initially released on February 2014 and has been updated to the latest HTML5 version on May 2019.


This version of the game is made by Eugenio that is based on the 1984 game by Konami. You can also check the game on Github.


  • A fun classic game!
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Different obstacles to avoid
  • Fullscreen available


Web browser


  • Press left/right arrow to move
  • Press up arrow to jump