Chummy Chum Chums: Match


Chummy Chum Chums: Match is a colorful block matching game with cute puppies. Choose a chum and play through the levels matching blocks for gold. Progress is rewarded with cute accessories to dress up your pup and furniture to make a cute and cozy place for your chum to live!

Chummy Chum Chums: Match

Chummy Chum Chums is similar to match-three games. However, in this game, you only need to match two tiles minimum to remove them. And, you get to choose a character in the form of an adorable puppy. 

Customize your home

This is the fun and unique part of Chummy Chum Chums. With your new chum, you can adventure through the levels earning gold. When you’ve made enough gold, you can fit your house with furniture like sofas, lamps, decorations, and much more. You can also buy house items with doggo bones. Keep clearing the levels to get more cool upgrades!

Unlock new items

As well as accumulating gold, you have to reach certain stages before unlocking everything. The game gets trickier as you progress, and new elements are added to maximize your tile-popping power. 

Matching tiles is relatively easy. But the game does make it tricky with additional elements like mud blocks, which must be removed by eliminating the tiles adjacent to them. You’ll earn boosts like rockets, and you can purchase special upgrades to help you out of challenging situations.

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  • Fun tile-matching gameplay
  • Play as one of the cute puppies
  • Buy accessories for your chum
  • Build a comfy home fit for a good boy/girl

Release Date

November 2020


GameBake made Chummy Chum Chums Match.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)



  • Drag left mouse button to rotate
  • Left mouse button to match the blocks