Dino Game (Chrome Dino)

Dino Game (Chrome Dino)

Chrome Dino is the simple but addictive 2D arcade game in which you must help the iconic dinosaur travel across the long barren desert safely. You will need to help him jump over cacti and pterodactyls otherwise you will fail the level.

The desert in which your journey takes place is never-ending so travel as far as you can to increase your score' when you fail, go again to try and beat your high score and repeat. Master this 8-bit endless running and jumping game and brag to your immense scores to all your friends. Have fun!


Dino Game is made by Google Chrome.


  • Endless running and jumping game featuring a T-Rex
  • Side-scrolling camera view
  • 8-bit graphics


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Space bar or left mouse button to jump.