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Dinosaur Game


Dinosaur Game is a simple T-Rex running game where you avoid obstacles for as long as possible. This Dino Game was originally built into Google Chrome in 2014 where it could be played without an internet connection.

How to Play

Press the spacebar to start moving. Click space to jump over obstacles. The speed increases the further you get, so you need to factor that into your jumps. You’ll also come across birds - don’t attempt to jump over the highest flying bird.

About the Original Dino Game

The original Dino Game was made by Google UX developers Sebastien Gabriel, Alan Bettes, and Edward Jung in 2014. The game is built in to Google Chrome and shows up as an error page when the web browser is offline. The Chrome Dinosaur game has seen widespread recognition, with the creators revealing in 2018 that it was played around 270 million times per month.

A Dinosaur Game with Many Names

The game is also commonly known as T-Rex Runner, Chrome Dino, and Dino Run, among many other titles.

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Dinosaur Game was made by the Google UX team in 2014.


  • Endless runner game featuring a T-Rex
  • Popular webgame made by Google
  • Side-scrolling camera view
  • 2D 8-bit graphics


Web browser (desktop and mobile devices)


What’s the highest score on the Dinosaur Game?

The highest score is 99999, after reaching this the score resets to 0.

Why is there a dinosaur in Google Chrome?

The dinosaur game was added to Chrome for users to play without an internet connection. The dinosaur theme is intended as a humorous reference to the game’s function of working offline, suggesting having no internet is like the “prehistoric ages.”


  • Space or up arrow key = jump
  • Down arrow key = duck