Bottle Cap Challenge

Bottle Cap Challenge, the viral trend sweeping social media. Can you join the likes of Mariah Carey, Sophie Turner, and Jason Statham and take the bottle cap challenge? This game is extremely simple, but addictive and so much fun. Spin the bottle cap and try to complete every level.

Instagram stories have sprung up regarding this challenge and celebrities such as John Mayer and Joe Jonas have all tried the challenge. Now you can do the same but using a plastic bottle instead of a wine bottle.

The game mechanics are simple - swipe the screen from left to right and try to unscrew the bottle cap as quickly as possible. How fast you swipe determines how high and far the bottle lid travels. Each level presents a different challenge.

To start, simply unscrew the bottle cap and hit the gold start. As the game progresses, new and inventive challenges arise. More gold stars appear, together with red mines that must be avoided. Moreover, the stars and mines move so timing is essential.

The graphics are simple, but the gameplay is hugely satisfying. As you progress, the levels become infinitely more difficult. Players must perfect their timing and swipe harder to achieve greater heights with the bottle cap.

Celebrities have shown their bottle cap challenge skills, can you do the same? After playing this amazing and addictive title for hours on end, become a bottle cap challenge master and show the world what you can do. Don’t forget to share your skills with the world and social media.

Release Date

July 2019


Bottle Cap Challenge is made by Airapport.


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • Android
  • iOS


Drag left mouse button to unscrew the cap.
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